And I will make it felony
to drink small beer.


for a quart of ale
is a dish for a king.


Our finely tailored craft beers are available to purchase at our brewery in Shakespeare. If you are in the neighbourhood, swing by the brewery to grab some cans, bottles, fill up a growler or have a drink on the patio!

For an updated inventory of beers available please give us a call or shoot us an email.


The Travelling Trout White Stout 4-Pack 355ml cans


5% AVB 16 IBU

The Traveling Trout's map can be deceiving. He shines bright in the dark, navigating through a world of coffee and chocolate flavours. He will take your taste buds on a complex adventure. Let the Traveling Trout broaden your horizons.


Shakespeare 75- 6 Pack 355ml Cans


light Beer | 4.0% Alc./Vol.

This light refreshing beer is perfectly crushable. A great beer to enjoy while watching the game, BBQing, or hanging out with friends. It is also a great beer to offer those non-craft beer drinker friends. With .50¢ of each 6 pack going back to the Shakespeare Athletic Association could this beer get any better?


The Grumpy Goat- 355ml Can


6% AVB 60 IBU

Bitter is The Grumpy Goat’s middle name. His powerful pine-like flavour is complimented by a sharp hop aroma. He will head-butt you with his excessive use of Zeus & Chinook hops. He is grumpy.


The Bumbling Bear 355ml 4-Pack


Blueberry Wheat | 4.5% AVB 16 IBU

The Bumbling Bear lives his life in a haze. His cloudy nature comes from a high quantity of wheat malt. His frequent ramblings through blueberry patches blended with specialty yeast results in a fruity aroma and smooth finish. Made with Blueberries from TNT Berries in Shakespeare, ON


The Classy Cow- 355ml Can


Milk Stout | 5.5% AVB 22 IBU

The Classy Cow is big and full-bodied. Her milk sugar provides a creamy smoothness complimented by a sweet finish. Her dark ebony colour comes from a generous use of roasted malt. She is the epitome of class.


The Heavy Horse- 500ml Bottle


Farmhouse Ale | 7% AVB 25 IBU

The Heavy Horse works hard to get the job done. His strong, spicy spirit comes from a mix of wildflower honey and wild Ontario yeast cultured from a local orchard. His rough around the edges golden complexion blends smoothly with his earthy reputation. Honey from Nith Valley Apiaries in New Hamburg ON


The Disobedient Dog Red Ale 4-Pack 355ml Cans


4.8% AVB 85 IBU

Who’s a good boy? The disobedient Dog’s roasted malt sweetness is naughty by nature but how can you not love his buttery toffee flavour and red colour? Just watch your beer; it is so good, the disobedient dog may steel it right off the table.


True Ontario Taste
All beers offered are BrewON certified

At Shakespeare Brewing Company we believe in beer made with Ontario grown ingredients for a true Ontario taste.

Our mission is to redefine what local craft beer means. Our artisanal approach brings the agricultural component that completes the customer vision of true craft beer. Brewed with Ontario grown barley and 100% Ontario grown hops as certified by the Ontario Hop Growers Association. All while supporting other small local businesses.

Who we are

Owned by a husband and wife duo who have been wanting to break off on their own and start a brewery in Stratford area. While the two were traveling through Europe in 2014, they stayed at an old English farm that housed a small micro-brewery. This is where Ayden, a trained Mechanical Engineer learned how to brew. When they returned to Canada Ayden began working at Bell City Brewing Company in Brantford as their brewer. Two years later, with his wife Katie, a University of Waterloo graduate by his side they set off on their journey to open their own brewery.


I drink to the
general joy of
the whole table


What we do

Our craft brewery is located in Shakespeare, Ontario, a quaint town 10 minutes from the beautiful city of Stratford, Ontario. Our brewery is located on the main highway through Shakespeare. The building was once used as an old school bus garage and makes a perfect space for a brewery. We have a few regular beers available as well we will have some seasonal/ special batch beers periodically. Our space has our brew house with a small retail space inside. All beers are available to purchase in 500ml bottles, 473ml cans or growlers. Beer is also available to drink on-site, and in the nice weather the patio will be open to enjoy!

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